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Jetfire Issues and Errata (V1.3.15+)

  1. Interfaces have been implemented but not extensivily tested. Recommend that inheritance be used where possible or Duck typing.
  2. Enumerations: Can't assign enumerators values.
  3. The type 'object' has not been extensively tested. Recommendation is not to use that type for the time being or to use 'workflow' which has been extensively tested. Let us know if this is an issue?
  4. Casting does not work and is not required. Type checking is performed at compile time. If type checking fails at compile time then the code will be made dynamic (if possible) and type checking will occur at runtime.
    1. There is no support for generics. Generics probably doesn't make sense given the nature of Jetfire. We would welcome any thoughts on this subject.
  5. Methods: The 'base' construct does not work. The ':base(...)' and ':this(...)' constructs do work in constructors.
  6. There is no class construct currently in Jetfire. Use the keyword workflow in the place of class in Jetfire code. In Jetfire a 'workflow' is a super-set of a 'class' supporting 'states'.
  7. Using statements are allowed, but currently have no effect. We are considering eliminating 'Using' statements from the language.
  8. The parser does not identify improper use of 'continue' and 'break' statements. When used improperly they are treated as non-operations.
  9. The 'lock' construct does not exist in Jetfire. Multi-threading issues are handled transparently. To achieve parallelism create multiple clients or use the asynchronous interface.
  10. Exceptions ('throw') do work and can be caught by .net code. The 'try-catch-finally' construct has not been implemented. This feature is on the 'ToDo' list.
  11. Jetfire does not implement C# style reflection. We will be adding 'easy reflection' which as it name suggests should be significantly more intuitive and easy to use.

Give us feedback as to what you need? Remember "the squeaky wheel gets all the oil".

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