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Jetfire ASP Web Parts

Jetfire ASP Web parts support Jetfire scripts directly. This Jetfire 'add on' project is available shortly as an "express" version (free, but binaries only).

Below is a screen shot of ASP Web parts employing the Jetfire 'DVD' lib script example.
The screen shot is taken just after the user entered 'The Little Mermaid' and clicked DVD in the New Workflow with Parameters Web Part. The click action:
  • Created the new Workflow
  • Assigned Little Workflow as the Subject
  • Caused the workflow to enter the CheckedIn state
Upon page refresh,
  • The workflow is now part of the Public workflows
  • The message that the 'DVD is not part of your fantastic collection' is shown to the user. (This is a configured message in the Web Part)
  • The Workflow Edit Web Part opens to show the DVD. (This Web Part gets all public properties and methods and displays them.)

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