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Getting Started with the Source Code Download - version 1.2+


  1. Download the zip file (latest version)
  2. Unzip the source code.
  3. Locate the solution file, Jetfire.sln. It will be located in the directory 'JetfireCodePlex'.
  4. Double click the Jetfire.sln file to invoke Visual Studio 2010 (there is an older deprecated version that supports vs2008)
  5. Build the solution. This needs to be done so that the 'Test View' will display the tests.
  6. In visual studio select the "Test View". (be sure to 'build' the solution - see previous step)
  7. Run the tests.
    1. When the tests have run successfully the software has been properly downloaded and is operational.
  8. The tests serve as good place to start with jetfire. Simply make a copy of a test file and modify it to start working with Jetfire.
    1. See Jetfire examples using C-Sharp.
    2. See jetfire wiki for documentation.

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