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The following is an example of Jetfire code.

// A very simple Jetfire workflow (class)
// This code can be selected, copied (cntrl c) and pasted (cntrl v) into the Jetfire dashboard.
namespace test
   workflow HelloWorld
      DateTime creationTime = DateTime.Now;
      public string Hello
           get{return "This workflow was created at:" + creationTime.ToString();}

The significant difference between the workflow above and C#, is that when the workflow is instantiated (new), the resulting object is persistent (it is held in permanent storage such as a hard drive file or database). That is the created object is permanent and exists until it is explicitly removed or it is collected by the garbage collector. This permanent storage is called a Jetfire 'workspace'. Try it for yourself. Create a number of instances of the above workflow using the Jetfire dashboard. Exit the dashboard and start the dashboard up again. The created objects will still exist.

Also see Hello World blog article

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