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C-Sharp Examples

The following C# code examples demonstrate using .net code to run Jetfire scripts and access Jetfire objects. It should be noted that Jetfire objects and operations can be called from C# using standard methods (no events are required). Threading is managed by the the Jetfire system. Threading is transparent to both Jetfire and C# application code.

For more information see the Jetfire wiki.

  1. These examples and more can be found in 'JetfireCoreExampleTests' project, which is part of the release download.
  2. There are 30plus tested Jetfire source code classes in the project 'JetfireCode', which is included in the release download

Code Examples:
  1. Simple Storage Code Example (Hello World)
  2. Adding Code Only Once
  3. Using Enumerations (enum)
  4. Version Control Example
  5. Throwing Exceptions
  6. Getting and Setting Multiple Workflow Object Properties (Get/Set methods)
  7. Dynamic Access Modifiers examples - (dynamic access mofidier definition)
    1. States:DVD Library
    2. Access using boolean property as a constrait -Basket Example
    3. Access using roles - Request Approval
    4. Access and States example -Advanced Request Approval
  8. Creating and using Workspaces to provide a firewall between Departments - Department Request Approval Example
  9. Searching example.
  10. Jetfire DLR (see DLR directory in the download).

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